About Us

mulmul's signature styling lies in a subtle balance of dualities.

Earthy yet ethereal, intricate yet minimal, vintage inspired yet modern...

It flows between these realms and creates a subliminal harmony.

mulmul is for the style inspired woman; who covets sweet contradictions and

makes them her own.

 With a Masters in Fine Art, New York University, Creative Director Puja Chodha, conceived and founded  mulmul brand in 2010.

“I am inspired by and naturally drawn to beautiful things that are well- made;  things that in their simplicity, speak directly to the soul.
mulmul is essentially a personal expression and confluence of my passions: Art, photography, theater, fashion, design, and spiritual well-being. I feel that it is my calling to restore beauty to the world, a calling which to me, represents the very essence of life.”
About  the collections:
Waking Dream 
Inspired by Puja's lucid-dreams and memories of childhood fairytales and driven by a practical need for sleepwear that could translate into leisurewear, mulmul's debut collection Waking Dream was born.
"I wanted to be able to create the romance of dressing up for bed at night and waking up to run quick errands without compromising on comfort and style."
Designed and produced in New York and India, this debut collection is feminine, romantic and whimsical.
The clothes are versatile and bridge the gap between innerwear and outerwear. They are easily adaptable and morph into simple yet stylish silhouettes. The ensemble is hand-worked with artful white-on-white embroideries, unique textural details and precious beadwork. The collection has a cozy-cottage vibe: one of quiet romance and easy elegance.
This collection epitomizes a love for luxury and all things fine and good. "I wanted to use fine materials of intrinsic value with detailed hand work that would make every piece unique. It is important to me that clothes do not impose upon or define the wearer as much as it helps express and enhance personal style." 
Drapey habotai silk and fine supima and mulmul cottons with intricate *Chikankari embroidery are used to create heirloom pieces with timeless appeal. 
*Chikankari is a  white-on-white thread embroidery technique pioneered by the royal Mughals of the 17th century. Historically reknowned for their fine craftsmenship in the making of "flowered robes of fine muslin," this ancient craft has been passed down through generations and is treasured even today.
Part of this collection, is an introduction to mulmul jewels: Hand crafted jewelry made with  a love for novelty materials from India with precious and semi precious stones.