Frequently Asked Questions - General

Mulmul (pronounced muh-l muh-l as in mulberry) is a fine, soft cotton muslin from India. It is sheer, delicate and lightweight and often referred to as the wonder gossamer or woven wind. Historically, it was a fabric once exclusive to Indian royalty, which today has gained popularity all over the world. 

Loungewear can be best described as articles of clothing suitable for wearing during leisure time. We all have  clothing for ocassions like work, parties, sport, weddings etc. With the proliferation of blackberry's and i-phones in this modern technological age, we constantly find ourselves in an unending struggle juggling work, kids, school runs, to-do lists and so on.

Loungewear is easy and comfortable and asks you to slow down, switch off, lay back and relax. It celebrates a life of balance, harmony and well being. Say goodbye to slouchy trousers with elasticated waistbands, oversized pyjama-style shirt tops that make you look like you've borrowed your grandfathers and holey boxers that want out. Embrace stylish loungewear that is versatile and elegant and take time out for a bit of everyday luxury.


Please fill out the contact form on this website (below, right) and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

You may also e-mail us at info@mulmulstore.com for any inquiries or requests. 

If it is urgent please call us at +1.917.545.7986 or fax +1.888.685.7303

No. We presently do not have a retail store. You may shop online at www.mulmulstore.com

We are stocked in few specialty boutiques listed below:


Coeur lingerie boutique Philadelphia

Essenza Seattle, WA

Brocante Boutique Dallas ,TX

Silk and Burlap Myersville, MD


Mama Benz Boutique, Barcelona


Adam et Rope’s Optimum, Tokyo

Adam et Rope's Biotop, Tokyo