Frequently Asked Questions - Product


A note about Sustainability:

Sustainability and fashion are often thought to be at odds with one another. We begin each collection by sourcing materials as mindfully as possible. However, some materials and processes are difficult to source with organic certification. No clothing line can be perfectly “green” (and hence we avoid the terms "eco-friendly" and "sustainable"), but we support people and businesses that are genuine do-gooders and care about the future of the planet.

Our clothing is designed in New York and manufactured in India, in facilities where we spend time to know that workers are treated well and paid fairly.We seek to promote traditional indigenous materials and crafts and use them creatively within the contemporary context.

Sustainability is also a design question. No matter how pure its origins, a garment is not sustainable if it’s not a pleasure to wear and keep. We like our clothes and designs to be less about fashion's passing trends and more about subtle nuances and how one feels in the clothes we make. We endeavor to create heirloom pieces with timeless appeal; products with an optimal balance of utility, longevity, beauty, and quality. 

We apologize we do not offer pre-ordering of products. You may however send us an e-mail at orders@mulmulstore.com requesting a reserve on a particular style/size and we will notify you when backordered items become available so you may purchase them online at www.mulmulstore.com Please allow 4-6 weeks for re-stocking. If the style has been back-ordered, we will mention an expected date of arrival.





Yes. Due to the volatile nature of the cotton crop, the price of cotton constantly fluctuates and hence the cotton fabric. While prices are generally constant for upto 6-12 months, there may be a slight increase in prices depending on the current market prices to procure the cotton fabric. Wholesale buyers please note, we will notify you of any price changes at least 2 months prior to your order.